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1377Re:: Rubbing whale

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  • olivershaw4229
    22 Mar

      I think you mean rubbing strake.

      Mahogany looks magnificent,  but it is a very significant labour to fit;    and although I got away with doing the bob without steaming it I felt that I was on the limit of the amount of curve that the wood would accept without steaming,  so you may well have to steam it.   It is also vulnerable to abrasion and impact damage,  even if you are reasonably careful with the boat,  and it also requires significant maintenance by way of regular re-varnishing.     But,  at its best,   it does look superb.

      I think there is a photo album documenting my first attempt (port side);   second attempt was significantly better.    Let me know if you decide to go down that route,  and I will update you. 

      Very much easier to fit,  and much easier to maintain,  although it will never look as good,  is rubber or PVC D-shaped fendering.


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