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  • elidore@gmx.de
    25 Mar
      Thank you for the welcome.

      My name is Carola, I live in the very centre of Germany in Kassel.
      For three years now I have a small yawl, a Gruben Gipsy Sport, which I sailed last season on Edersee (famous through the Operation Chastise).
      Last September my son (who took great pleasure in going sailing last summer) showed me an add for a Small Craft Privateer and I fell in love with a sexy bow and red sails. She was bought even before I had seen her and as I didn't find to many work to be done, she moved from Frankfurt to Northern Hessian.
      Sadly, she was a bit neclected and needed a caring hand.

      Now I have her in the shed, got an electrical engine, as fuel engines are not permitted at Edersee, got all the wooden parts sanded and will give them a proper coating with yachting varnish within the next days.
      I'm a bit worried, if I'll manage to deal with her, though. She's more of a hand full compared the my tiny yawl.
      Especially if I'll be able to rigg her, as I've only had to deal with one foresail before, now I'm dealing with two.

      I've read here in the group something about an instruction manual, which I'm sadly missing.
      Is it somewhere online to be found?
      I was also unable to find any information of the shipyard, I believe the company isn't in business anymore?

      I have a lot of questions, which hopefully can be answered by reading through your threads here.

      May I also beg your pardon on my English, I'm not a native speaker and especially most of the nautical terms are missing in my vocabulary...

      Regards from Kassel, Germany
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