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  • elidore@gmx.de
    26 Mar
      Hello Oliver,

      thank you for the links and all this helpfull information.
      I will check out your links and references in order to learn more about my new love.

      I should have added, that I don't have a Gaff, but a Bermudan Rigg, which seems for me a bit easier to handle.
      She doesn't sport lazy jacks, nor do I plan on them, but there is roller furling.

      There was no UV protection for several years, so her sail edges bleached considerably. A sailmaker checked on the quality of the sails and sewed some protection on both foresails and also made a new mains tarpauling or persenning.

      There are some wooden parts on deck, which I've sanded and varnish now. Hatches, hand rails, a ladder at the back, companionway. Those were badly weatherworn, grey and rough to the touch.

      I've already browsed through the gallery section. It is great to see so many pictures of well maintaned boats. I especially liked the interior pictures, as that will be the next step of refurbishment, my boat is pretty basic inside, with little or no fittings. It's great to get some ideas, what can be done to get her nice and cosy.

      My boat is called 'Mary Ann II', she sports the classic Land Rover colour scheme of dark green hull and light tan deck.

      Regards, Carola
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