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  • olivershaw4229
    28 Mar
      Apologies;    there are two possible explanations for that,   the first is that I never intended the location that I put in my previous post to be a hyperlink,  but Yahoo seems to think otherwise!

      If you click on the Files tab at the top of the page,  and then (in the new window which opens) scroll down to near the bottom you will find the Privateer Boat Register spreadsheet;   and if you can then click on that it should load.

      The other possible explanation is that it may indeed have worked as a hyperlink when I posted it,  but I have since deleted that spreadsheet and replaced it with an update,  and it may be simply not recognising the change.

      Sorry about the difficulty,  and thank you for letting me know.    Going via the Files tab and then finding the correct file should work.

      In passing,  a reminder to all members that the Files section is a large and useful resource;   well worth browsing,  as of course is also the Photos section.


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