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  • olivershaw4229
    1 Apr
      A very interesting development:

      I have just had an email from Tony Glover,  primarily to give the moulding number of his boat,  but also including a link to a fascinating newspaper article outlining the history of the moulding company,  which may interest other owners:   

      Incidentally he tells me that the moulding plate on his 1976 Privateer is inside the lazarette and bonded to the port side of the outboard well.   The corresponding plate on my own 1974 Privateer is also inside the lazarette,  but bonded to the inside face of the transom.

      So I would encourage other owners to look in more than one place,  and also to be alert to the strong likelihood that the plate may by now be hidden under multiple layers of paint.   But if you can identify your moulding numbers this identifies your boat in a historical context.

      We understand that the first two digits of the moulding number give the year,  and the digits which follow (3 digits in the cases which I know about,  and after a space in the only two which I have seen) identify the moulding in sequence during that year.   However by no means all mouldings were Privateers;  Bourne Plastics also produced the GP14 dinghy,  possibly still the Bourne 35 cruiser (although it is not clear from the article whether that was still in production at this stage),  and car bodies,  and we understand that the numerical sequence in each year went across their entire production.     So the number immediately previous to your one may have been a car body,  and the number immediately following may have been a GP14,  for example.

      You may also be able to identify the hull number,  which I understand was probably a Small Craft number rather than a Bourne Plastics number.    (Small Craft built the boats,  from Bourne Plastics mouldings,  and the Shipmate Owners' Association believe that Bourne were a subsidiary of Small Craft,  although there is no mention of that in the newspaper article.)   This hull number is on a light alloy strip,  with the numbers stamped (i.e. punched) into it,  and on at least my own boat and those occasional others for which I have seen photos it is on the inside face of the transom above deck level.     Again expect that it might have been covered over with paint.

      If other owners can supply this data,  and indeed any other missing data for their boats,  we can improve the Boat Register record;   this is an ongoing work in progress,  and I would simply encourage owners to provide what data they can when it is convenient to do so.


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