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1403Re:: My Story (and electrics)

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  • olivershaw4229
    8 May

      What a nice gift from your grandparents!

      Unfortunately,  for reasons that I fail to understand,  none of us are able to include attachments to posts,  not even myself (as Senior Moderator),  even though I can find nothing in the Group Settings which precludes this.   So your photos have not come through.

      To get round this,  purely temporarily,  I have created a photo album for you,  Beau Vista,  and uploaded your photos there.    The only problem with that is that the album is necessarily in my name,  so you don't have control of it.   If you wish,  I can delete it and you can then create your own album,  in your own name,  and upload your photos;   or you may be happy to leave the album as it is,  the choice is yours.

      I will reply to your queries later.


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