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  • john turner
    May 8, 2017
      Hi all. 

      When I own Juliet my beloved Privateer 20. I painted the bottom with Crown outdoor paint from B&Q. Very cheap. Not a good anti foul. I kept her on a drying out mooring at Christchurch and after 6 months I had some weed growing on the bottom. But it just power washed off. The boat is fibreglass it isn't going to rot away. Honestly try a good quality outdoor paint if you are leaving your boat on a trailer. Spend your hard earned money on something without the word Marine in it. It's a con. Lol. 

      Having said all that the 2nd year I did put an anti foul on as I wasn't going to take her out the water for a long time. As it ended up I sold her a couple of months later and bought a much bigger boat. I do miss my little privateer 20. Everything was so much more simple then. 

      John Turner

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      Hi John
      As my boat is kept on a trailer, there's no need for anti foul paint.
      Instead, I was thinking of using International Perfection but at nearly £60 a litre, I started looking around at other similar products.

      I came across this post and thought I'd try it.

      Hi Tony
      Thanks  Sounds good, but:
      As faR AS I CAN TELL, Valspar® Tractor & Implement Enamel Paint is not available in the UK - it's not on the Valspar uk website, there is only  decorative house paint

      A quick google for tractor paint showed  other makes  listed ~£18/l


      ---In privateer20@..., <tonytheskipper@...> wrote :

      but I've now been told that commercial tractor paint in the same stuff and 1/6th the price.

      Hi Tony G

      I just stumbled across your old post.  Do you have any details of the "commercial tractor pain"


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