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1407Re: [privateer20] My Story (and electrics)

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  • Tony Glover
    May 8, 2017
      Hi William
      Just had a look at the photos you posted.
      She looks clean and tidy for a 42 year old.

      I'm half way through my restoration and just finishing off the electrics.
      I've managed to fit (just) a low height (190mm) 100ah battery in the locker under the cabin sole along with the isolation switch.

      I've placed a 12v six switch fuse / switch panel under the side combing (above the quarter berth) facing into the cabin on the port side and a twin pole RCD breaker, socket and battery charger on the starboard side. Neither protrude into the cabin space but can be seen easily / accessed.

      I've used LED lighting below decks and some LED nav lights above. I've worked out their consumption along with the VHF & instruments and think the power drain will be well within spec. 

      Just in case, I've installed the 230v mains hook-up in the lazerette, a new 6hp Tohatsu outboard delivering 5a and a couple of 60w solar panels on the coach roof so hopefully, that'll keep the battery charged up. If not, there's room for 2nd 100ah battery under the cockpit sole (in case I'm instructed to install a TV, washing m/c, tumble drier etc!)

      The charging cables run in conduit down the starboard side of the companionway and the 25sq mm 12v supply cables run up the port side to the fuse panel.  All these will be hidden once the headlining goes in.

      The Boat Safety Scheme inspector seems happy with the installation so I'll apply for the certificate once everything else is done.

      I'll post some photos when I get a chance.

      Hope your restoration goes well.

      Tony G

      On 8 May 2017 at 19:30, williamstainer@... [privateer20] <privateer20@...> wrote:

      Good evening guys. I am new to this group so please bear with me.

      I have recently been given my grandparents old boat; a privateer 20 called Beau Vista. This boat was bought from new from factory. I have traced down the dates from the original documents and believe she was built between 14th April - 15th May 1975. The name "Beau Vista" was taken from my great grandparents property, which when they passed away was sold. The money from the property was used to buy the boat (back then £1800).

      Over the years some small modifications have been made to her. She has had shelving put up, different headling, and wiring added.

      With my grandparents now retired and unable to carry out any major restoration Beau Vista has sat on her trailer for the past 20 years. Naturally fabrics have faded, anti-fouling is flaking off, some of the wood is now unprotected and has signs of rot.

      I intend to lightly restore her back to near original condition, although I will update the electrics (including fitting a VHF radio), fit new headlining and give her a general tidy up

      My original question (appoligies for the waffling) is that I intent to add a switchboard to control all the master electcis (i.e. Horn, exterior and interior light and radios). Where is the best place for this? Where is the best place for the battery and how big a battery do I need?

      The previous switchboard was attached to a rotten shelf which I am removing, and I do not really want to convert the porta potti moulding to a chart/ electrical housing unit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      If you have any suggestions on the restoration or ideas. Perhaps tips on jobs you have done before?

      Attached are some pictures taken from 6 months ago


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