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  • g8jmb
    9 May

       "Subject: RE: [EXTERNAL] ValsparĀ® Tractor & Implement enamel    [ ref:_00DE0IKEy._5000LnkHgj:ref ]
       To: "jbutton@..." <jbutton@...>
       Date: Tuesday, 9 May, 2017, 9:50
       Good morning John,
       Thank you for contacting Valspar Customer Services UK.
       I can confirm that unfortunately this  is only sold in the US as this is a Valspar US product and
       we have our own range of products, sold exclusively to  B&Q.
       However, in this case I believe you  would need a more specialised product as we do not sell an
       equivalent product in the UK."
      Another good idea downed...


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