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  • olivershaw4229
    May 9, 2017
      Somehow my reply has vanished into cyberspace and not re-appeared.

      Updated reply follows:  ...    ...

      1.  No problem with language;    we English understand "mushroom ventilator",  or equivalent,  perfectly.    We know exactly what you mean.

      2.  Unfortunately the square ones which appear to have been originally fitted to Privateers seem to be no longer available;   indeed I have never seen them on any other boat,  and it is possible that they may have been unique to Privateers,  possibly even made in house.      Since writing my original reply I have now done a fairly comprehensive trawl of what are available from chandlers,  and there are almost any number of circular ones,  particular the Ventilite and its clones and near clones,  plus Dorade types and other rotating cowls,  but no rectangular ones.     "They are a discontinued line;    thou canst not get unicorns for love nor money.   Thou knowest how it is",  to quote a delightful spoof from the Old Testament.

      I therefore concur with at least part of the advice from your boatyard;   switch to one of the readily available circular types.    However there are two alternatives to laminating,  which are worth considering:   

      1.  Put a plate over the hole,  of suitable dimensions to accommodate the new ventilator,  properly bedded down onto polysulphide mastic,   and then install the new ventilator onto that plate.    With care the job can be done neatly,  and it is a lot less complex than making a strong and neat job of laminating.

      2.  Choose a ventilator whos hole diameter is larger than the side of the square hole for the original fitting.   Then you won't need to laminate,  just suitably enlarge the hole,  and the new fitting will go straight in.    For what it is worth,  my own boat has comparatively modern Ventilite ventilators,  and there is absolutely no sign of an earlier square hole,  so I can only presume (or would guess) that this is what some previous owner has done on my boat.

      Hope this helps,


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