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1419Re:: My Story (and electrics)

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  • olivershaw4229
    10 May
      As an adjunct to that,   if you have a VHF radio  -  preferably hand-held and worn on the person  -  supplemented by a mobile phone for inland and estuary sailing,  then it is very likely that in an inshore distress situation that is all you will need.   Everything else is a backup.

      But for inshore and some estuary sailing there will be areas where there is no VHF coverage,  and the further inland you go the greater the likelihood of this.   So you do need a mobile phone in these areas to supplement the VHF.   Just as VHF is the primary means of distress and safety communication at sea,  with mobile phone a poor second (and not always available),  so the reverse can sometimes be the case inland.   And do keep the mobile phone in a waterproof (fully immersible) pack,  such as an Aquapack,  or use a floating phone.

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