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  • olivershaw4229
    May 15, 2017
      > the only winches I've found so far have a working capacity of 500kg and breaking capacity of 1500kg.

      The links below (three different and unrelated firms) may be helpful.

      I don't know what size you require,  because it will depend to some extent on your particular situation;  it is not a set figure for the class of boat.    Ultimately only trial and error will determine the choice absolutely.

      At one end of the scale,  if you wade the trailer deep enough to simply float the boat on and your beach or slipway is almost horizontal you don't need a winch at all;   at the other end of the scale if you load from minimum depth and on a steep slipway you need a moderately powerful one.

      Even if you strip the boat right down to bare minimum weight for towing,  that is likely to be after you have recovered her onto her trailer;    when she actually comes out of the water onto the trailer she will be loaded as for sailing;   engine mounted,  fuel and stores aboard,  and any additional ballast fitted.

      If the trailer has rollers throughout she will roll on very much more easily than if you have traditional fabric covered bunks.    However I was looking at an outfit over the weekend whose owner has just had new bunks fitted,  with a Teflon coated covering,  and he claims that the boat slides beautifully easily on that;  but I have no first-hand experience of it myself.

      If in doubt,  go for a size larger than you think you need,  rather than anything smaller than you think you might need.    On my own trailer I replaced the winch which came with the trailer in favour of a larger one (two-speed) because I found that I needed the extra power.

      I will try to identify my own winch next time I am down at the boat.

      http://www.liverpoolpowerboats.co.uk/boats_ProductList.asp?t=trailers&sub=138&subname=SPARES / ACCESSORIES&ProductType=Winches&id=190

      Hope this is helpful,


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