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1434Re: [privateer20] Re:: Access problems

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  • Jonathan Knight
    Jul 16, 2017
      Thanks Oliver enjoy your holiday.

      On 16 Jul 2017 07:06, "acapella13934@... [privateer20]" <privateer20@...> wrote:

      As an update,  I learn from a friend on the GP14 site that he is having similar problems,  and from our joint experiences it appears to be a Yahoo problem,  and to be browser specific.

      We both find that accessing by our usual routes we are now required to sign in,  and that in trying to do so the system keeps diverting me to the normal BT page, rather than Yahoo  -  and I at least don't have a BT account  ....

      He reports that he has "found it happening more often, it started in Google chrome, then Firefox, Windows edge is hit and miss, but opera seems OK.    But if I visit more than once A week, I have to clear my cookies and other things. This is also a pain."

      I now find that on my desktop machine I can still get in using Opera,  but can no longer do so using Microsoft Edge,  which until a few days ago was my usual browser.    Indeed I had largely given up using Opera.

      think I can now get in again via my tablet,  which is now aboard the boat;   at least I was eventually able to do so yesterday,  although it remains to be seen whether I can still do so tomorrow!     I think that is probably going in via Internet Explorer.    From later today I will be away,  and thus dependent only on access via my tablet,  until September.    So I may or may not be able to operate the site as normal ...


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