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1440How to manage water in the cockpit

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  • elidore@gmx.de
    Aug 16, 2017

      After a few month sailing Mary Ann II at Edersee here in Germany and having a nice place at the jetty, I've come to admire the well thought through design of her.

      She's easily sailed single handed, all ropes to be handled from the cockpit, the traveler far back and not in the middle of the cockpit, like I've seen on other boats, the boom high enough to never be in any danger to kill me while coming over to the other side.

      I've added sand ballast under the cockpit floor, like the manual said.

      Which brings me to my problem: The sand ballast close to the stern makes her so low, when one steps onto the boat, water comes through the bailer from the engine well into the cockpit.

      At the moment I use a cork to seal the bailer while aboard.

      A few weeks back, I had forgotten to take the cork out and the rain water accumulated to dangerous hights in the few days I hadn't visited the boat. It was halfway up to the companionway...

      I'm quite curious, how other Privateer owners deal with this problem.

      Should I perhaps place the sand ballast differently and not mainly underneath the cockpit?

      Is there a kind of self bailer, which works one way and lets water out but not back into the cockpit?

      For any advise I'd be really grateful.

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