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1444Re:: How to manage water in the cockpit

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  • olivershaw4229
    Aug 17, 2017
      Is there a kind of self bailer, which works one way and lets water out but not back into the cockpit?

      I suspect that the answer is NO.

      There are of course various one-way devices available for certain other purposes,  based on flap valves for the one-way element,  although both the types I am thinking of would be unduly cumbersome to fit.   Dinghy self-bailers are one example,  and the one-way flap valves intended for use with bilge pumps are another.   A simpler way of achieving a flap valve would be to make your own,  by tacking a sheet of suitably flexible non-porous material (e.g. rubber) over the outlet from the drain inside the outboard well;   secure it along the top edge only,  and allow it to flap freely.

      But the important thing is that the proprietory devices above are not designed for this purpose,  and although the best of them greatly restrict flow in the reverse direction flap valves do not normally offer a perfect seal.   Even if such a fitting were to permit only a trickle in the reverse direction,  that would admit a substantial volume over a period of several days.

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