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  • kennerlandsvensson
    20 Aug
      I am Karin  from sweden 
      I bought this boat -fell for its charm
      Not knowing anyting about it. I hade to serge the internet over and over agan.
      Finaly she apeard as Privateer 20
      I am so happy to find a owners sosiety as well.
      Now I can bring her back to former beauty. Finding good advice and many pictures .
      I have never saild a fork head rigg
      Will be lerning from you and Youtube 

      She has red sails and grean body
      The jibb beam nead to be replaced
      Any ideas of proper sort of wood?

      The mast nead sanding and a new coat of .... xxx.
      ..Lost that word.

      I will be doing new beds inside . 
      A problem . The wett rop from lifting up the keel . That construktion I would like to change. Any ides?

      The plan is to sail the north west coast of sweden. Named : Bohuslän. Me and my children.
      Im fond of all the pritty litle islands.  All free to visit, becaus of the law of 
      "All mens rights" we have in sweden.

      Trailerable is a real good thing
      Lift up keel is a rear ting in my country.

      I live in the south west of sweden 
      Named: Halland. 
      Many sandy beach . No islands
      Having a lift keel gives uss the oportunete to land right next to the beach icecrem caf'e. My children will love that !

      Next year summer holiday l trailer her up to north of Bohuslän to sail my old
      Childhod waters . Leting my children play and swim at my favorit islands and find new places .
       Just living our summer dream .

      Many Thanks / Karin 


      Skickat från min Samsung Galaxy-smartphone.
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