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1457SV: [privateer20] Re:: Welcome Aboard

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  • Arne Rudström
    Aug 26, 2017
      Hello William,

      Good to hear from you. My main reason why I have to part from my Privateer Celena is the fact that I am a widover ( my wife died a couple of years ago )
      and I therefore have not got time to cope with my home, house and two other boats I have.

      I would be very pleased if Celena could come back home as I know that trailing boats are common in the UK. Here in Sweden we do not suffer from tides and the cost to keep your boat at a jetty is not as expensive as I guess it is in the UK.

      I will try to include a few Pictures although my PC is a bit slow now. If you give me your Telephone number I can call you later next week.

      Best wishes

      Arne Rudström

      Den fredag, 25 augusti 2017 18:30 skrev "williamstainer@... [privateer20]" <privateer20@...>:

      Probably shouldn't be saying this, as I have limited space, but who ever let that stop anything. Yes I'm interest

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