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1462Re:: Re: [privateer20] Holt Mini-Reef Issues

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  • olivershaw4229
    Sep 1, 2017

      Thanks for that idea.

      My drum is open sided but with a guide close to the drum,  as is the Barton drum on the staysail,  and that latter is no trouble at all.

      My experience with an enclosed drum on a GP14 is that it does not prevent the line coming off the drum and it very occasionally does so;   but when that happens it is very much more difficult to sort it out.    

      I am reasonably sure that with this Holt Minireef system the problem is that the drum and spar can rise,  separately from the guide (which cannot do so because it is secured to a stainless steel strap to the bowsprit).   When that happens,  it causes a clear misalignment.   As standard,  the drum and spar simply rest on the lower bearing,  which also mounts the guide,  but there is nothing (other than gravity) keeping them in close proximity.   What I cannot fully ascertain is whether my lower bearing is complete as designed and working fully correctly,  or whether it has "lost" a part over the years.

      I hope that my improvised stop at the upper end will now prevent a recurrence of the problem,  but we will of course have to wait and see whether this improvised solution actually works in practice.


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