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1467Re:: Photos (WAS Re:: How to manage water in the cockpit)

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  • elidore@gmx.de
    Oct 11, 2017
      Hi there,
      I'm flattered, that you think the pictures me and some friends or family members took of my boat. (It's difficult to take a picture of your boat under sail, when you're the one sailing her...)

      I've added some pictures of her last sail for the season on the way to the slip.
      As an early riser, I took her in the early morning hours out for the 3km to the slip. I hadn't calculated on autumn weather with dense foggy patches, which made navigating without instruments quite an adventure.

      We took her out onto the trailer, which turned out to be a family outing, as my daughter needed to test her new Jeeps ability to wading.
      Unfortunately the slip was quite shallow and my trailer doesn't sport a winch, so it took some effort to push her onto the trailer. Later we realised, one of the rollers for the skeg was sitting with the edge in the centerplate opening, so it took quite some time to lift her enough to get her centered onto the trailer.

      This winter a major overhaul is due, as we found during the summer several places, where rain water gets inside. Also some fittings need replacing.
      But that's how it is, always something to fix and optimise.

      Regards from Kassel, Germany
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