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1468Celena of Sweden

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  • Karin kennerland svensson
    Oct 12, 2017
      The beautiful trailersailer Celena
      reasently arived to acompany my green Privateer 20 .
      Arne Rudström kindly sold her to me. Now to be restored on the inside and outside.
      Arne has spent a lot of time figuring out how to reach her full potensial of speed . Encreasing the distance between jib sails and  center-veight-point, by a longer jib-beam.
      Also by finding the perfekt 
      keal-angel for the Privateer 20, Arne say , will make her more stabel and faster in spead.
      Interesting work indeed.

      Right now she is takin in wather from abow. Rainy days of oktober detektiv some work to be done..
      Now two privateer 20, my kidds and I, am just vaiting for the Sun .
      And the summer sailing-fun soon to come.

      /Karin in Sweden 
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