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1475Re:: Re: [privateer20] Request of dimensions of motor well

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  • olivershaw4229
    Nov 17, 2017

      Your attachment has not appeared.

      I have not been able to debug the reason,  but it seems that even though the controls are set to permit attachments,  in fact they never work.   Even I,  as the senior Moderator and with all the site privileges,  cannot post with attachments;   and I have been unable to correct this problem.

      This is even though there are other Yahoo Groups on which one can include attachments.

      Unfortunately the only workable options seem to be to either (1) put the dimensions into a post on the Message Board and separately upload the photos to the Photos section (either in an existing album or create a new album),  or (2) upload your original intended attachment to the Files section.

      Sorry about the technological problems;   blame Yahoo!


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