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1477Re:: Request of dimensions of motor well

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  • elidore@gmx.de
    Nov 17, 2017
      Hello Martin,

      I wouldn't open a previously closed engine well.
      Actually, I was considering closing mine as well.

      For the simple reason, the engine well takes precious space off the back locker, which would come handy for fenders.
      Also I use an electric engine, as I sail on Edersee, Germany, where fuel engines aren't allowed. The electric motor is much smaller and lighter and doesn't need so much space.
      With the engine well, I can't pull the motor out of the water while sailing, as it would made steering impossible.
      I also noticed, when sailing a bit faster a kind of wave is building up in the confined space of the engine well and it is sometimes splashing into the cockpit.
      (Not often, as I don't sail fast with the old and original main sheet...) I can't even imagine, how this is at sea, where there is a swell.

      At the moment I've covered most of the engine well with a wooden board and left only a small opening for the electric engine, but I'm considering adding a fitting for an outboarder at the stern, so I can pull up the engine while sailing. Not for speed reasons, but for worry of the propeller and the engine, as it turns from the water pressure.

      Regards from Kassel, Germany
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