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468Renovating "Celena"

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  • arnerudstrom@ymail.com
    Oct 22, 2011
      This is a short explanation to my added photos as they are not named.

      The photos show the boat in its state when I took it over (for 10 pence!)and some parts which are vital to work with initially.

      The former owner did apperantly not like the original window, but did not finish the job! In the cabin I found damages aft of the cb-case, where you can see rotten ply and other not so pleasant things to deal with. I have included a photo of a cut in the upper part of the cb case close to the pivot position. I guess it was opened to assist when he took out the cb, which might have got jammed?? I have now refitted the cb and found the hole for the pivot. It now consists of a 18mm alloy tube which fits the hole completely. The tube is lined with a plastic tube and into that goes a 12mm bolt. It seems to work so far.

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