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470SV: [privateer20] Re: Renovating "Celena"

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  • Arne Rudström
    Oct 22, 2011
    Hello  JohnB,
    Thank you for your reply and wish for good luck! I am sure I need it. I forgot to mention that the bolt is made of stainless steel. I am aware of the problem with corrosion and that alloy and stainless steel are not the best of friends. That why I put the plastic tube between them and also because I wanted the 12mm bolt to fit tighter. Is that of any use? I am far from an expert of steel! If I can I choose wood which I am more used to.
    PS I am sorry to enclose such a big photo this time. I will better myself in the future.

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    Skickat: lördag, 22 oktober 2011 17:50
    Ämne: [privateer20] Re: Renovating "Celena"

    Hi Arne

    Good luck with the renovation
    Caution - the alu. tube at the CB pivot may corrode rapidly due to electroytic action against the bolt- better to use a bit of stainless steel, preferably 316 grade.


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    > This is a short explanation to my added photos as they are not named.
    > The photos show the boat in its state when I took it over (for 10 pence!)and some parts which are vital to work with initially.
    > The former owner did apperantly not like the original window, but did not finish the job! In the cabin I found damages aft of the cb-case, where you can see rotten ply and other not so pleasant things to deal with. I have included a photo of a cut in the upper part of the cb case close to the pivot position. I guess it was opened to assist when he took out the cb, which might have got jammed?? I have now refitted the cb and found the hole for the pivot. It now consists of a 18mm alloy tube which fits the hole completely. The tube is lined with a plastic tube and into that goes a 12mm bolt. It seems to work so far.
    > Arne

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