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488Re: Swedish Privateerher

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  • Arne Rudström
    Nov 20, 2011
      It was nice to hear that there are more than one Privateer in Sweden. My boat "Celena" needs quite a lot of renovation work, but I also hope to do some modifications at the same time. As I got the boat on land and have not yet sailed her myself I have hesitated now and then wether to make the job or not. The reason is all texts written about all the weak points of the boat. ( bad weather helm, too light and too fragile, too slow etc.) One reason that I keep on working with her is good support from a former Privateer owner in GB who sailed his boat 4000nm and was happy with her. And of course this Yahoo group has meant a lot with all its valuable information including Oliver´s comments. 
      More ballast weight.
      I plan to put extra ballast below the floorboards behind the cb-case. And for trimming her balance some extra weight below the cockpit floor. I agree with most of Oliver´s comments and advices in his answer to you.
      Small windows
      In my case the former owner of "Celena" had already prepared to fit a small round window and I found that there is to much work to alter that. I guess that he wanted to make the change to adapt the look of the boat to the "clipper bow"? I found on the Internet site "Small craft advisor" a picture (Gallery) called "Weekender" which very much looked like a smaller Privateer with two round windows!,
      The thickness of the hull
      I have learnt that 5.6mm is what you can expect, so I will put extra layers of GRP material where I plan to put extra ballast. And of course I will keep the floor boards to stand on!
      Good luck and please let us know your results and questions.