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502Re: Bermuda Rigged Privateer Mainsheet

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  • chris
    Dec 1, 2011
      --- In privateer20@..., "priorrigg" <priorrigg@...> wrote:
      > I have found the photos here very useful as I have recently taken on a Privateer but have neither previous experience of the boat nor details of the reccomended rigging.
      > It seems from these albums that all Privateers, whether gaff or bermuda rigged, have the mainsheet attached to the end of the boom.
      > The boat I have appears to have no current facility for that, the mainsheet having been attached (according to the previous owner) to the slide on the underside of the boom, fixed about halfway, and secured to 2 mountings on the cockpit floor just abaft the cabin hatchway.
      > Should this slide actually be used for a kicking strap? Has the boat been modified: should there be mountings on the transom?
      > Limited experience with it on the water, but the setup suggested to me seemed to work, but (probably obviously!) I couldn't tighten the mainsail properly.
      > Can anyone comment (help)?

      Hello John

      I don't think your boat has the original boom. The mainsheet should be attached to a swivel arrangement at the outer end of the boom, with the topping lift attached to the other end of the swivel arm. This allows the boom to be pulled free of the swan-neck and turned so that the mainsail wraps round it - a basic form of roller-reefing. From the boom swivel the mainsheet runs to a wire hawse fixed to the transom - see the 'cockpit' photos in the folder 'Bluebelle'.

      There is a kicking strap attached near the mast end which runs to a shackle at the foot of the mast. I don't know if this is original or not, as this would actually prevent roller reefing!

      I'll try to take some photos tomorrow and post them in the 'Bluebelle' folder

      Hope this helps

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