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510SV: [privateer20] Re: Bermuda Rigged Privateer Mainsheet

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  • Arne Rudström
    2 Dec 14:31
      Hello Chris,
      Your comments and photos means a lot to me and other owners of Privateer boats I am sure and it is good to hear that you will be a member of this Yahoo group even when you have sold your "Bluebelle". I would certainly be a buyer of her if I had not lived in Sweden with a Privateer to renovate. I have often looked at your photos and will continue to do so to get ideas how to do things and it is not only cosmetically.
      I wish you luck with your new boat.

      Från: chris <spike@...>
      Till: privateer20@...
      Skickat: fredag, 2 december 2011 20:42
      Ämne: [privateer20] Re: Bermuda Rigged Privateer Mainsheet


      --- In privateer20@..., "chris" <spike@...> wrote:

      > I'll try to take some photos tomorrow and post them in the 'Bluebelle' folder
      > Hope this helps
      > Chris

      John - have now posted a couple of pics of the boom, in a new folder entitled 'Detail Photos - rigging etc', in the 'photos' section.

      Oliver - please feel free to move these if they should be somewhere else!

      cheers - Chris

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