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544Re: Insurance for Privateer?

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  • Oliver
    Apr 27, 2012
      --- In privateer20@..., "tomkoknl" <tomkoknl@...> wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > A proud new owner of a Privateer 20 here down in Cornwall, I had joined the group straight after buying her last week.
      > I was wondering whether any of you has a good suggestion for a good insurance for her? Any company you have good experience with?
      > Best Privateer regards,
      > Tom

      Welcome to the fold.

      Which boat is your one? If I remember correctly there were I think two up for sale in Cornwall within the last year or so, both owned by members of this Group. If memory serves correctly Rana, mentioned very recently on this site as being for sale, was in Cornwall.

      For insurance I have been very well served with Craftinsure. They primarily work online, but although they normally expect you to complete an application online they are always prepared to discuss requirements either by telephone or email.

      The primary reason that I went to them in the first place was a recommendation (from Graham Benson, founder of this site, if I remember correctly), together with the reasonableness of their geographical coverage; specifically, for the latter, their interpretation of "UK Coastal Waters".

      The interpretation of this commonly used term varies from one company to another, and with some insurers is as little as three miles offshore, which is very seriously limiting. In your part of the world such a limit would completely rule out a cruise over to Pembrokeshire (unless you went coastwise via almost Portishead and Uskmouth, or on the south Cornwall coast it would rule out a direct passage between Land's End and the Lizard, or Falmouth to Salcombe direct, or any passage to the Scillies.

      Craftinsure's definition, emailed to me on 30th March 2010, and in the context of single-handing, was "For solo sailing we would deem inland and coastal waters to include a distance offshore that would allow you to return to your intended port or mooring within the same day." That is the most generous that I have found anywhere, and I at least regard that flexibility as vitally important; I have many times in my previous yacht done 24-hour single-handed passages, which would seem to be covered under these terms.

      However I think it would be seriously pushing the definition to plan 48-hour single-handed passage starting and ending at midnight - able to either return or complete the passage, whichever is the shorter, within one day (24 hours), from any chosen time or location within the passage; I feel that this would not be within the spirit of the definition ... ...

      There are of course occasions when circumstances may conspire to extend the timescale; I remember one passage from Clovelly to Padstow in my previous yacht which took three whole days, because we were becalmed.

      Although Eire is not included within UK Coastal Waters, obviously, they tell me that "Trips to Southern Ireland can be included for an additional premium depending on the duration of your stay there – typically £35 for a fortnight for example."

      Their premiums seem reasonable, and when I had a theft claim in the early part of 2010 they surpassed themselves. They settled very promptly and without quibble, and then when I was discussing certain aspects of this year's renewal with them they unilaterally offered to reinstate my full No Claims Discount despite that claim just over two two years ago.

      They will not normally accept new business for craft over 40 years old, but they assure me that they will continue to cover existing business when our boats reach that age; they will merely need to issue the relevant endorsement, at a charge of (I think) £10.

      You don't get anything for nothing, but overall I am very well pleased with them, and indeed I now have my two GP14s with them as well.

      If it helps, ask for either Mark Lee or Rod Daniels and feel free to mention my name if you want to talk with them before deciding whether to place your business with them.

      Do of course ask them yourself about geographical coverage, and age of yacht, and anything else that may be of concern to you: I do not represent them, so what they have told me is only a guide (and if necessary - which I am sure it won't be - a negotiating ploy). You can't rely on it until they actually confirm it direct to you.

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