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589Re: trailer - suggestions

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  • Oliver
    Sep 22, 2012
      --- In privateer20@..., "tomkoknl" <tomkoknl@...> wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > I have to buy a new (second hand) trailer as the one I got with the boat is bending down too much with all the wait on it. Any ideas and suggestions for things to look out for when buying a trailer? Are they 'all' more or less the same and thus good (as long as they fit a 21 foot boat) or is there something specific I have to look out for?
      > Best Bluebelle regards,
      > Tom

      Have a look at the recent string on exactly this topic, commencing post no. 571, and in particular John Adams's recommendation.

      Have a look also at the relevant part of our Links section.

      Personally I would love to upgrade to one like John's, but can't afford it. However a similar secondhand one might well come up at a future date when I may be able to afford that.

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