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591Re: Boom for a Bermuda Rigged Privateer

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  • Oliver
    Sep 23, 2012
      --- In privateer20@..., "seannorris65" <seannorris65@...> wrote:
      > Having had my boat (Lady Irene) laid up for the last 3 years due to family commitments. However, I got her in the water this year and despite the terrible summer we got out for some family days. However a disaster has struck at the end of the season, the main boom has dissappeared off the boat and an extensive search of the boatyard and its environments has not yeilded any joy so I am on the hunt for a replacement boom for next season.
      > To be honest I am not sure what I am looking for so any help or advice will be appreciated. The first obvious question is does anyone know of or have a boom for the privateer that might be available. Failing that I am trying to decide whether to replace with a similar sized boom or whether to get one made up. Needless to say I don n't have the dimensions of the existing boom in terms of lenght so if someone could tell me that I would be grateful. Also a source for the parts would be appreciated in particulare the gooseneck fitting and the swivel fitting at the aft end of the boom
      > If I were to go down the new replacement route does anyone have any thoughts on a supplier, is there anyone else other than Z spars out there?
      > Thank you in advance for any help

      First, of course, as you have already identified, check on dimensions: I would hope that there are enough members with the bermudian rigged version out there to be able to measure up and supply that data. My own boat is the gaff cutter version, so I myself cannot help you there.

      However if push comes to shove, you presumably still have the sail. So you can measure both foot and luff length, and you also have the stated area of the sail (from the manufacturer's handbook, already on this site). Present this data to the spar manufacturer, together with details of the gooseneck (although be prepared to change this for whatever current fitting is compatible with their spars), and let them come up with the details of a suitable spar.

      Once you have the dimensions I would expect that most of the larger dinghy spars would be in the right ball park, but you will of course need to check for compatibility of dimensions. However if you do have to buy new - and I would hope that your insurer might be footing the bill - this does at least give you an increased range of manufacturers.

      Headline names from the dinghy world include Proctor (now, I gather, trading as Selden), Super Spars, and such retailers as Speed Sails. I would be inclined to supply them with the relevant dimensions, once you have ascertained them, and let them do the footwork.

      If offered a choice, if in any doubt I would go for a heavier rather than a lighter section for a cruising yacht - even if she is really only a "dinghy with a lid" rather than a true yacht.

      Similarly for the gooseneck fitting; this seems to me to be essentially a dinghy-type fitting.

      Hope this helps,

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