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592Re: Boom for a Bermuda Rigged Privateer

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  • Oliver
    Sep 23, 2012
      --- In privateer20@..., "Oliver" <oliver_shaw@...> wrote:
      > Headline names from the dinghy world include Proctor (now, I gather, trading as Selden), Super Spars, and such retailers as Speed Sails. I would be inclined to supply them with the relevant dimensions, once you have ascertained them, and let them do the footwork.

      As an addendum, I had an experience a few years ago which may help you.

      The mast of my GP14 dinghy was bent in an accident arising during a gale in the boat park of my club, and the insurers agreed to pay for a new mast. I duly took the boat plus the damaged mast to Speed Sails to collect the replacement.

      It so happens that the GP14 mast can have one of two different lengths, depending on the height of the mast step; later boats have it mounted higher than the original design. And the heel fitting is different between the two situations, possibly to ensure clear identification of which type any given mast actually is.

      What I was slightly surprised to learn was that Speed Sails stock only the longer (and earlier) length of mast, with the heel fitting not yet fitted. Then when they supply a new mast to a customer they shorten it to length if necessary, and then fit the appropriate heel fitting.

      I also have the very clear impression that different masts are specified by the manufacturer's standard extrusion number, and the length and the fittings. Although I have not had occasion to check on booms, it seems highly likely that essentially the same situation applies.

      Thus it seems possible that in your search for a boom you would not need to match to a dinghy having exactly the same length of boom, but rather ask your chosen spar manufacturer or retailer choose a suitable section, and then have it made up to the required length.

      Hope this helps,

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