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607Re: Bilge keels, anyone?

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  • Arne Rudström
    6 Nov 00:24
      Hello Oliver,
      I am a Swedish owner of the Privateer "Celena" of which I sent a few pictures to this group earlier. 
      The boat was in a bad condition when she was given to me two years ago. When I read your
      and other sailors comments on her bad sailing qualities I hesitaded if I should bother to
      restore her.
      But at the same time I was curious to know from my own experiences how she behaved when
      in the water. I have made a longer and retractable bowsprit to move the sail area forwards.
      I plan to have removable internal ballast (lead in concrete).
      When you put the question about bilge keels I thought of the Swedish sailor in small boats
      Sven Yrvind ( http://www.yrvind.com/ ) who used 15 cm high bilge keels on his rather flat bottom
      boat in which he crossed the Atlantic a year ago.
      But now I have decided to try another concept. I will take out the cb, close the cb trunk at the
      bottom of the hull, add extra ballast in the lower part of the cb trunk and use 2 leeboards
      instead of the cb. Asymmetric leeboards with toe in and made from plywood and perhaps
      with stringers to increase their strenght.
      I sail in the archipelago of the Baltic sea which is mainly in sheltered waters.
      What to you and others think of this?
      Regards     Arne Rudström
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