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  • jonathan_llanover
    Aug 14, 2013
      Hello all
      Aart's comments on balast got me looking at his photos. His boat has floor boards in the cabin under which unless I am mistaken (I'll feel a fool if I am) is a framed space through to the skin of the boat.
      My boat Geolia has a solid floor. I've put a photo in the photo folder relating to balast.
      I think we may have missed something in the different construction of our boats which may be very important to take note of when considering adding further balast.
      The sales literature we have for the boat states that in addition to a plate of 190lbs (86kg) the boat has 250lbs (113.4kg) balast permanently bonded to achieve a balast ratio of 30%.
      This balast is presumably cast in the floor of Geolia. There is no where else it could be as elsewhere the skin is too thin and the skeg isn't big enough.
      I've been through the photos we have on this site but can only identify Aart's boat Fuyante, Arn's boat Celena and possibly Black Pig as having false floors.
      Were these boats made without the bonded balast, it would make some sense for boats built for export?
      It strikes me that if you can't identify where balast may have been bonded into your hull and you have a false cabin floor, handling may be vastly improved if you add 250lbs (113.4kg) balast into the floor which is what Aart has nearly done.
      This is in addition to considering following the designers advice of adding balast under the cockpit.
      I look forward to anyone's comments. Jonathan
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