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673Re: Balast

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  • Arne Rudström
    Aug 17, 2013
      Hello Aart and Jonathan,
      I have with great interest read your information about ballast in Privateer 20. I have the boat Celena in Sweden, which seems to number 13.
      I have two floor boards and below there is space to put ballast as one of you have done. I will do the same and put extra weight also below
      the cock-pit floor. I fully understand what space Aart refers to in the front. I have the same and also probably internal ballast built in along
      the keel? Maybe Concrete? The total weight is not sufficient, but as your correspondence shows there are places to add weight which
      I shall do.
      As I have shown in my earlier pictures of Celena she is in a bad condition, but I hope to get her in a better state until next year. This year I have
      given her a retractable longer bowsprit, a main hatch that can be pushed as well as lifted open and I work on her deterioated inner area.
      When she gets in a better shape I can send some pictures.
      Best wishes  Arne Rudström
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