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  • Spike
    Jun 15, 2009
      Hello all - my first post here as I have just bought a privateer. This is only our second sailing boat so the whole thing is very new and a little mysterious. I've uploaded some pics to the photos section (pretty ropey quality but I'll have another go sometime) - as you can see my boat has been customised quite a lot in the past, and is in generally good condition. Have found some rot in the rudder stock and the steel frame that links the mast step to the centre plate casing (I'm sure there's a proper name for it) will need the bottom half replacing sometime - but apart from that all seems ok. I do need to replace the headsails though (she's bermudan rigged) as the ones with the boat are falling to pieces.

      Anyone got a jib and staysail in good condition they'd like to sell? Or would swap for a custom-made spray hood in as new condition which cost the previous owner £585.00. Just a thought....

      Anyway - great to find there's a forum for Privateers and look forward to contributing if I can .... Cheers - Chris
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