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942Re:: Re: [privateer20] Re:: Juliets interior is getting there.

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  • john turner
    Feb 7, 2015

      At 7 Feb 2015 10:00:08, acapella13934@... [privateer20]<'privateer20@...'> wrote:

      > But then you are also significantly younger than I am ... ...

      And, of course, Christchurch is significantly further south than we are; just over 170 miles as the crow flies.

      I learned yesterday evening that Whitehaven, just under 70 miles north and a little west of us, was on the national TV because of ice floes in the harbour, and people walking on the ice in the harbour.

      I may get a sail in the GP14 this afternoon, but if I do sail it will be daytime only, just while the sun is out.


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