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988Re:: Drop Keel Overhaul - Also Chain Plate Bolts

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  • olivershaw4229
    Mar 11, 2015
      As a cautionary photo,  perhaps I should post a photo on the Message Board of the pivot bolt which I have removed;    other owners may wish to check theirs!! 

      Although this point is discussed in the uploaded document,  it is also perhaps helpful to stress that the check that I made in all innocence last year is not a valid test.    With the boat on her trailer I jacked up the front of the plate and assessed the free movement,  perhaps 3 mm,  and decided that with a bolt of (I thought) 18 mm this indicated little if any wear,  so I did not draw the bolt.    Incidentally now that I have it out and so can measure it more easily I find that the actual bolt diameter is 5/8 inch,  or approx.  16 mm,  not 18 mm.

      I discovered this year,  after removing the bolt,  that if the aft end of the plate is fully housed and secured the front of it cannot drop;   it is prevented from doing so by the safety system that is designed to prevent the plate dropping dangerously far in the event of failure of the winch strop.    Thus the very small movement observed in my test last year was not limited by the pivot bolt,  but by the safety system, and the pivot bolt was in far worse condition than I had realised.

      Although I have chosen to lift my boat in slings,  this is so that I can do other work on her at the same time.   If removing and replacing the pivot bolt is the only work to be done that can be most conveniently done with the boat still on her trailer.

      And while on that subject,  chain plate (a.k.a. shroud plate) bolts should also be regularly drawn for inspection ...

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