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993Re:: Drop Keel Overhaul

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  • olivershaw4229
    Mar 27, 2015
      For those who have been following the progress on this job,  it is now very nearly finished.

      The drop keel has been partially removed,  inspected,  and found to be in excellent condition,   and the pivot bolt has been replaced  -  not before time.    

      The gaping gap in the slot on either side of the plate has been filled,  and slot gasket has been fitted.   I hope and expect that these two upgrades will jointly stop the fountains of salt water emerging upwards through the aperture at the top of the case and into the cabin,  and the side padding should also eliminate the annoyance of the plate banging against the slot when the boat rolls in a cross sea.   
      We will have to wait and see whether there is a continuing banging problem due to the top of the plate or the region around the pivot bolt banging against the side of the case;   if that happens,  curing it may be somewhat more difficult,  but the Shipmate Owners' Association seem to think that this present upgrade will cure the problem.

      Brass keelband has been fitted to the central section of the keel while the boat is up in the slings,  and it should be possible to also fit it to the remaining part abaft the work currently done once the boat is lowered back onto her trailer.    The comparatively short and less vulnerable forward section may perhaps have to wait until I replace the trailer,  and can then tilt the boat back on the trailer.

      In deference to anno domini (mine,  not the boat's),  the winch has been fettled,  to make it physically easier for me to raise the plate.

      I have now updated the file on this job,   go to Files > Repair Techniques.

      I anticipate that there may be one further update once all the few remaining parts of the job are finished.

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