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994Re:: Drop Keel Overhaul

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  • aartvanderpol@rocketmail.com
    Mar 27, 2015
      Not all privateers have a second drop preventing bolt.
      I replaced my pivot bold by a stainless steal one a couple of years ago also by the same method Oliver used. I removed the centerplate whoolly and applied epoxy on it.
      What struck me in the photo's is the place of the  pivot bolt. (on the photo's with red arrows.)
      Is the bolt really placed below the waterline?
      The bolt in my ship is placed above the waterline, some 7 cm above the V berths. So between the 2 V berths there is the centerplate case sticking out.
      There is in my ship ample reinforcement on that spot whereas there is none at yours?

      Screws through the laminate to fit the keel strips.... Is it possible that the wood that was once there behind has rotten away?

      Instead of carpet I used rubberstrip to fill the gap. The banging while rolling was diminished  but not completedly cured.

      Nicely done Oliver!
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