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Breaking Sooty News: Sooty celebrates 60th year with a new owner and live tour

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  • Brian Swann
    It feels so good to FINALLY!!! post some really good Sooty News at last. News from The Stage Newspaper. Children s TV favourite Sooty has been bought by the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 26, 2008
      It feels so good to FINALLY!!! post some really good Sooty News at
      last. News from The Stage Newspaper.

      Children's TV favourite Sooty has been bought by the show's presenter
      Richard Cadell on the puppet's 60th birthday.

      Cadell, who has been presenting the show since 1998, purchased the
      rights to Sooty from Bridgefilms for a "significant sum".

      He told The Stage he is currently working on new material for a live
      tour entitled Sooty in Space, which will premiere in February,
      following smaller shows in Butlins resorts around the country. Cadell
      will also appear in a pantomime with the bear and his sidekick Sweep,
      alongside former EastEnders actress Letitia Dean, at the Grove
      Theatre in Dunstable. The show will be produced by his production
      company Duo Entertainment.

      He said: "The routines that I've been presenting are Harry Corbett's
      [creator of Sooty] from the fifties and the kids still scream with
      laughter, exactly the same way that they did 50 years ago. Kids
      haven't changed. We've got a revival of Paddington Bear, Rupert,
      Basil Brush, names that parents now trust.

      "Look at society and knife crime, I'm sure that is influenced by
      computer games and graphics. I think people are now thinking back to
      how things were - simple, with good values, and I think Sooty falls
      into that category."

      Cadell, who first appeared as a guest on the show at the age of 15,
      is also developing three formats for a new TV series. Plans include a
      sitcom-style show based on the puppets working in a handyman agency,
      a studio-based live variety show and a pre-school game show. He said
      he has also piloted a radio programme with the silent puppet and is
      looking to expand on that.

      This month marks the 60th year since Corbett bought the Sooty puppet
      from Blackpool pier as a present for his son Matthew, before
      transforming it into a TV show for the BBC in 1952. Corbett Jnr went
      on to present the programme from 1976 and sold the rights in 1996 for
      £1.4 million, following his retirement.

      He said: "I'm delighted that Sooty is in, or should I say on, the
      right hands. Richard Cadell is as close to a Corbett as you can get
      and we're very confident that he will give Sooty the love and
      attention he deserves."

      Published Thursday 26 June 2008 at 11:25 by Lalayn Baluch

      Great news so please leave a comment.

      Also worth noting what Richard posted on this board two months ago
      " I'm sure you've seen that HIT are selling Sooty again and I'm sure
      this is great news...I have spoken with a few people in the know and
      as soon as i have any news I'll let you all know".

      and some brand new Sooty video posted on You Tube.

      and we also a group on facebook so if u are a member on this social
      network please join our group.

      Also confirming work will begin on updating the main Reaching Brand
      New Sooty Heights tomorrow. So today is a great day for Sooty.

    • Sam Marriott
      Hi :) All the major newspapers yesterday had articles on Sooty s birthday/comeback. I ll give Richard one thing - he s very quick off the mark. He s also got
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 28, 2008
        Hi :)

        All the major newspapers yesterday had articles on Sooty's birthday/comeback. I'll give Richard one thing - he's very quick off the mark. He's also got the energy to make this a success.

        Daily Mail - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1029817/Look-Sootys-comeback-trail.html

        The Times -

        The Guardian -

        The Telegraph -

        Daily Express-

        Well done Richard.

        Sam x

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        > It feels so good to FINALLY!!! post some really good Sooty News at

        > last.


        > BRIAN


        Yep, brilliant news. And amazing too - the new Sooty website is ALREADY

        ONLINE! Featuring great new videos and info, it's brilliant! The

        homepage has a welcome video and if you join the club, you're treated to

        a Happy Birthday Sooty! video, featuring Richard and the gang!

        www.thesootyshow. com <http://www.thesooty show.com>

        It's amazing news, and I wish Richard and his brother all the best with

        the brand - I can't wait to see where you take Sooty and co!

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