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Sooty Reviews: ‘Izzy Wizzy’ and ‘Happy Birthday Sooty’ Sooty Show DVD’s

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  • Brian Swann
    My Reviews of the two recent Sooty DVDs, Please comment and if you have also brought these releases, what did u think of it? Thames Video (now Fremantle Media)
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 23, 2008
      My Reviews of the two recent Sooty DVDs, Please comment and if you
      have also brought these releases, what did u think of it?

      Thames Video (now Fremantle Media) has always release episodes from
      the 1981 to 1992 Series of The Sooty Show to pick for VHS
      compilations and since 2001, DVD compilations. Likely because of the
      house setting we have grown to love and the 1981 series was the first
      to feature Brenda Longman as the voice of Soo.

      No idea why the Marjorie Corbett Soo voiced episodes from the house
      setting or Matthew Corbett's hosted live audience shows from when he
      took over in 1976 has never been released before, but I can
      understand why the 1981 to 1992 era is much easy to release to fans.
      I would love DVD releases that aren't connected to the `Childern's
      Favourites' line that Fremantle does with Sooty along with Rainbow
      and Button Moon and what is the deal with the carry case box for kids
      DVD releases lately?

      Do note the pictures on the packaging don't link to the episodes
      featured on the DVD. It's a crime because you could be tricked on
      the `Happy Birthday Sooty' release that there is a Matthew hosted
      Sooty Show episode from the 70's, which is awful as it would be nice
      to include an episode from that era. Also worth nothing that the up
      to date `Sooty Show' logo on the box isn't repeated on the static
      menu screen, which goes with a classic Sooty font and a red and blue
      background for `Izzy Wizzy' and `Happy Birthday Sooty' respectfully.

      Plus they have a recent Sooty picture and a painfully oblivious
      Photoshop Magic Wand in his paw. Finally the `Thames' logo has been
      replace by a `Fremantle' logo on the end of each episode. So enough
      with technical details that isn't going to interest the actual target
      demographic for this review and the two new Sooty DVD's, let's talk
      about the episodes on each disk.

      The Sooty Show – `Izzy Wizzy'
      [BUY ON DVD = http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sooty-Show-Izzy-

      `Izzy Wizzy'
      From the 1990 series and previously released on the VHS `Sooty Video
      Fun Pack', this is a perfect episode of `The Sooty Show'. Because
      it's simply enjoyable to watch, reflects on the past with props and
      tricks first used in Matthew's live audience 70's shows and the
      famous `Go To Bed Sooty' routine that reminds a classic.

      `Little Terrors'
      Again from the 1990 series and previously released on the VHS `My
      Bumper Christmas Sooty', this episode can get tiresome for older fans
      but perfect for Sooty's demographic. As it shows the gang playing as
      the 5-year-old's they are (with Sweep being Age 4). They play with
      little mouse figures and then they make figures of themselves with
      vary degree of success. It's strange that such a normal episode is
      picked for this release when classics like `Burglar Box', `Time
      Capsule' and `The Good, The Bad and The Furry' deserve being included
      on a DVD.

      `Sooty's Magic Lamp'
      From the 1987 series and previous released on the rare VHS `Sooty's
      Magic Lamp and other stories', I was about 3 when I first saw this
      and it scared me and it's still strange now. About finding a lamp
      that has a genie granting wishes, it's one of the oddest episodes
      from the best series of The Sooty Show and again only makes you
      wonder why was this included on the DVD.

      Overall apart from the `Izzy Wizzy' episode, I question why plain
      normal and odd episodes got chosen over pure classics in the back
      catalogue that Fremantle has.

      The Sooty Show – Happy Birthday Sooty
      [BUY ON DVD = http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sooty-Happy-Birthday-Matthew-

      `Happy Birthday Sooty'
      From the 1992 series and previous released on the VHS `Biggest Party
      Video', the second last ever episode of `The Sooty Show' is
      completely enjoyable. Like `Izzy Wizzy' reflects on Sooty's past,
      tours the `Sooty World' attraction and has old friends Rod, Jane and
      Freddy come to sing a song. Scampi's appearance in this episode is
      also the reason why the `Sooty & Co' lyrics are on the box.

      `Want A Pet'
      From the 1989 series and previous released on the VHS `Sooty Wants A
      Pet', the gang argue which pet that should have for the house,
      thinking a dog is too boring until Matthew decides on a dog and
      visits a police dog training centre before deciding one dog is more
      than enough. It features one of the classic Sooty Songs Matthew has
      written and worth watching.

      `Honking Nose'
      Again from the 1989 series and previous released on two VHS `Sooty's
      Favourite Stories' and `Sweep Super Dog' which was the first DVD
      Sooty release. It's worth noticing that this episode is a direct
      transfer from the `Sweep Super Dog' release. The episode features
      Sweep nose and ears making noises and finding out it's the magic
      wand's fault. So `Honking Nose' is an enjoyable episode.

      Overall this `Happy Birthday Sooty' DVD is worth buying and you agree
      it has `3 hilarious adventures' like it claims. You only wish more
      classic episodes can get the DVD treatment as soon as possible.
    • parsonsv2002
      I have 3 DVDS with episodes from Matthew s early days in the 1970 s. Some of them have a small segment called Harry Rmember s, starring Harry Corbett. One DVD
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 2, 2008
        I have 3 DVDS with episodes from Matthew's early days in the 1970's.
        Some of them have a small segment called Harry Rmember's, starring
        Harry Corbett. One DVD contains the full series which had a short
        serial film in each episode called THE CASE OF THE BLACK HAND. All of
        these episodes are in excelent veiwing condition, as they were recorded
        to DVD from video cassetes which are 20 years old. These episodes are
        still giving my 15 month old son and 4 year old much pleasure.
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