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10Attended St Louis 1980-2

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  • Ian
    Apr 26, 2010
      Not sure if anyone remembers me, I was a small blond haired kid who played a lot of sport during my two years attending St Louis - I left at Easter in 1982 (just before my 9th birthday) - and from what memories I have left of being a kid I spent lots of break times collecting footballs from the garden! Now happily settled in Hong Kong with a wife and English Bulldog called Napoleon, I took my sporting interests onwards after leaving Glastonbury and for a number of years wanted to be a professional cricketer. Despite making it to representative level a few times I failed to make it to the top level but I'm happy with my lot and am always informed by my Mother each time I go home of one of the Sisters who said I would be a writer - I'm now a professor of Urban History with a number of publications behind me!

      For any of you who remember me then by all means keep in touch via this group of by other means (e.g. Facebook).