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17Another Voice from the Past

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  • bunburyandrew
    Feb 11, 2012
      I was at St Louis Glastonbury in the early Fifties before moving on to St Johns, Elmhurst and Millfield. I recall that the education provided was superb but I have less good memories of some of the nuns, particularly Mother Aimée, who always seemed to be cross and was physically quite violent. I have certainly had no respect for her relgion since those days. Miss Mansfield was lovely and there was another nice teacher called Miss Mitchell, who left, as I recall, to be replaced by her sister. One of those sisters told us, when we were doing PE, to kick our bums, which we thought was delightfully risqué, though she pointed out that that is what we called them, wasn't it?

      Fellow pupils I remember with affection are Diana Lacey, easily recognisable in the photos, Damian Norton, who was to be a school fellow again at Millfield, Brendan Batty and Gloria Treloar, a particularly nice girl who lived in Roman Way as I did. I well remember the story she recounts on the site about the van Rynan girl being punished for lighting all the church candles, shortly after her confirmaion as I recall.