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5Not that happy days for me

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  • blinham
    Jun 19, 2007
      I was a pupil at St Louis Convent School for girls and boys for the
      sons and daughters of gentle folks I think it said on the notice
      board that I passed every day after getting off the bus from Street
      to get to school on time. I always missed it on the way home and had
      to wait for ages outside of Crockers. I hated the convent and I was
      scared stiff of the nuns especially Mother Amiee. I had no daps, was
      always caught running up the stairs instead of walking. It was
      freezing with cold milk to drink out of frozen bottles in the winter.
      I could not wait to leave the only thing I enjoyed was ringing the
      bell at play time.

      I remember the day I left I was on my own walking quietly out of the
      gate when Mother Amiee stopped me. She shook my hand only after she
      told me to remove my glove as she informed me that I was rude to
      shake hands with anyone with your gloves on. She told me that all
      the offices in Glastonbury had a ex convent girl working for them and
      that she hoped I would follow their examples.

      To this very day I have no fond memories of her, I liked Miss
      Mansfield she was nice to me and I could always make her laugh.

      I saw this webpage advertised in the local paper, my daughter is a
      reporter for the paper now. I enjoyed looking at it especially the
      gardens and where the nuns used to have there dinner. Father O'Brian
      and Father MacNamara were the priests at St Mary's then. I loved
      Father MacNamara he had a twinkle in his eye and I pinched his bum
      once by mistake when he attended the wedding reception of my sister,
      after performing the wedding ceremony, I thought that he was my big
      cousin John I was mortified when he turned round and I saw that it
      was the priest.

      If I was talking in lessons I was sent to stand outside the door this
      I didn't mind but when I heard the swish of the Sister skirts and
      roserrie beads I would dive into the cloak room and bury myself
      underneath everyone coats and blazers Sister Mary Peter would come
      into the cloak room but she could never find me I spent all of my
      senior school life hiding from them they could never find me I hid in
      the loos upstairs in the back stairs up the alley by Mrs Rowes class
      even behind the big black door that lead to the kitchen and the nuns

      Happy days, no not really