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10Robert Carlyle!

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  • sanna_o86
    Sep 12, 2004
      God, what a great actor this man is! And how sexy he is! Really
      sexy. Specially in The full monty. I love that movie. I'm a quite
      new fan of Mr Carlyle. I've been a fan of him sense I saw Hitler -
      The rise of evil about two months ago. He's really good in that
      movie and you couldn't believe that Hitler could be so sexy! I have
      already seen a few movies he has made. One of my favourites is of
      course The full monty and then there is Carla's song. God! Is there
      anyone who DON'T like that movie??? Hope not. I saw James Bond - The
      world is not enough about two days ago. It was good. I'm not a big
      fan of James Bond but Robert is in that so I couldn't resist. Even
      though he was a bad guy in that movie you sort of felt sympathy for
      his because he didn't feel anything and didn't feel her kisses.

      My next goal now is to see Go Now. I've heard that it's suppose to
      be really good. But I couldn't get it. I live in Sweden and you cant
      get it anywhere on the Swedish sites. Well, weel. Have to go. Bye

      Sanna from Sweden.