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  • SBOI-webmaster
    Jul 13, 2011
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      Wednesday, Jul 13, 2011

      The Sri Sathya Sai World Youth Conference began with prayers at 0830hrs in the Poornachandra Auditorium. Sri Shitu Chudasama, International Youth Coordinator, welcomed the delegates and introduced the purpose and purport of the conference. He also mentioned to the gathering the personal instructions Bhagawan had given to the speaker regarding the expectations from the Sai Youth of the world. His talk was followed by an overview from Dr. Michael Goldstein, Chairman, Prasanthi Council and Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation.

      Ivan Bavcevic from Southern Europe, Parani Kumar and Anjali Daswani from Far East Asia, Daniel Strauss and Perla Yannelli Fernandez Silva from Latin America were the speakers for the morning. At the end of these succinct talks, the group broke into Study Circles and deliberated on the Ideal Sai Leadership and the way forward.
      Monday, Jul 12, 2011

      The third block (the section of Sai Kulwant Hall directly in front of the stage) was empty. Backdrops were in place. A few official looking people running around with tension on their faces. Thousands of others sitting packed in the Sai Kulwant Hall with anticipation writ on their faces. Familiar sites in Prasanthi. But the first time since the Maha Samadhi.

      The programme started at 1630hrs with Vedam Recitation. Bhajans commenced at 1715hrs and went on till 1745hrs, at the end of which Sri Nimish Pandya continued his role as the master of ceremonies. He announced that under the Omnipresent guidance of Bhagawan, the organisation work in Mumbai is going in full flow. Various coordinators presented their work reports at Bhagawan's Lotus Feet. Sri Pandya also spoke about the star project of Maharashtra, the mobile hospital which is now being expanded further. Sri Ramesh Sawant, State President of the Maharashtra Organisation, placed the keys of the new vehicles at the Lotus Feet.

      "Dhanyanti Parthi" (Blessed is the Land of Parthi) was the name of the Dance Ballet which was to follow. This dance was also a deep spiritual lesson helping the audience understand the philosophy of the Varkari's system of devotion. Sri Deepak Mazumdar, one of the earliest Balvikas students was the teacher for the event. The dance started with a group of children headed by Sri Mazumdar all dressed up as Varkaris, starting their pilgrimage to Pandharpur. Their one prayer to Vittala being that let them always be attached to Him and be completely detached from the world.

      A question is then raised that since God is omnipresent, what is the need to travel to pilgrimage sites like Pandharpur and Parthi. The answer is given that since the Lord had taken human form and lived there, the sacredness of even the soil here can raise the consciousness of the pilgrim to great spiritual heights.

      As the Palkhi Seva commences, the point is brought forward that body is in fact the temple of God and hence the search for God should always lead us within. Finding the omnipresent companion within, the devotees dance to the tune of Divine Music, in the company of the Divine. Demonstrating this beautifully, Sri Mazumdar worshipped an empty screen with flower petals only to find it forming the silhouette of Bhagawan.

      Bhagawan is the Divine Director, Composer and Artist of this play called life. It is only in union with Him can we rid ourselves from the travails of the world. Attachment to Him and Detachment from the world is the message with which the dance programme reached its completion.

      Gifts were distributed to all participants. At 1730hrs Bhajans resumed and Prasadam was distributed to the entire gathering. Arati was offered at 1740hrs. This was a very important event as it revived the grand festivity of Prasanthi Nilayam - the land of Nityakalyanam (eternal auspiciousness) and Panchathoranam (eternal celebration).