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2361Memories & Memoirs: By Prof. Anil Kumar Kamaraju

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      Memories & Memoirs: 31.12.2011
      By Prof. Anil Kumar Kamaraju
      Chapter 1

      Om Sri Sai Ram   Dearest Sai Family

      "Why would you think like that? Swami knows everything about you. In fact, He enquired about you many times. Don't feel upset." These consoling words from Sri.Kasturi are still fresh in my mind.

      It was in the year 1977, during the second day of Dasara festival. I went up to Sri.Kasturi and said in a soft voice, "Sir, it seems you sent word for me through the sevadals. It seems Bhagavan asked me to give a talk in the Poornachandra Auditorium this evening and, as no-one could trace my whereabouts in the ashram, I lost this DIVINE chance. Sir! Please excuse me. How can you back an unlucky horse?”

      Kasturi who was trying his best to pacify me said, "Do you think Swami doesn't know who is worthy to be His chosen instrument? He knows everything and He will do the needful at the right moment. Don't be upset. Be happy that you are at least in His Divine sight and thoughts. What else could anyone need?"

      Let me explain to you what happened that particular day. Swami enquired about me from Sri.Kasturi, who in turn asked the sevadals and other officials to look for me in the ashram. The end result: I lost the rare opportunity to speak in the Divine presence on such a huge occasion. Don't you think I would not be disappointed by this? Prior to that Swami never spoke a word with me, never smiled at me, given no padanamaskar, not even a first row seat was in my luck. I used to think that this was BAD LUCK which was brought forward by me from my previous births. If at all I was lucky to get a first row, Swami would either skip that area or would speak loudly to a person who was seated right next to me and many a times materialise something or other for that person. Many of my friends, who already knew my bad luck would say, "Mr. Anil Kumar, we would sit next to you in the canteen or anywhere else, but not in the darshan lines.” Such was my reputation then.

      After seven long years, finally when the DIVINE CALL came, I was not available. This would have been my first chance to see Him up close, to talk to Him, and to have padanamaskar. I was cursing my lucky stars. Sri Kasturi said, "Don't worry. In the evening darshan sit in the first row and see what happens."
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