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  • Shropshire Animal Action
    The League Against Cruel Sports have issued a statement calling off all Boxing Day Demonstrations (see below). This descision has been taken by The League at a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2004
      The League Against Cruel Sports have issued a statement calling off all Boxing Day Demonstrations (see below).

      This descision has been taken by The League at a national level, however local LACS members recently decided they would not be attending a demonstration in Newport on Boxing day. SAA, supporters of whom have contributed to the organisation of Boxing Day demonstratations for the past 10 years, have been liasing with other local groups to gauge opinion on what should happen on Boxing Day.

      We have reached the following conclusions:

      -> Hunting with dogs has been banned. As a result, a demonstration can achieve nothing in terms of political lobbying.

      -> Hunts have become increasingly violent. At last years demo in Newport, provocation reached dangerous levels and it is our opinion that this years demo would almost certainly result in violence against protestors.

      -> Our time, efforts and respources would be better spent planning how we can safely and effectively stop law breaking hunts affter Feb 18.

      As a result, SAA will not be organisation any demonstrations on Boxing Day. We would advise people that we believe in a potential danger in demonstrating.

      We do intend to send media releases stating that we are not attending because we have won.

      Important announcement: League Boxing Day demonstrations called off

      As you will know, the League traditionally organises Boxing Day demonstrations so that anti-hunt campaigners are able to make peaceful protests across the UK about the cruelty and barbarity of hunting with dogs.

      Until now, we have been actively promoting demonstrations for this year and these would have taken place on December 27th. However, in light of the decision that hunting will be illegal as of February the 18th 2005, the League's Committee has made the strategic decision that we will not be organising Boxing Day demonstrations this year.

      The League feels that there would be nothing to gain by demonstrating this year - we have already won the arguments and, as a result, hunting has now been banned by Act of Parliament.

      The recent violent and abusive behaviour by hunters, the stalking of ministers, the assaults and the violence combine to give us grave concern for the safety of our supporters. Of course, everyone has the right to make a peaceful protest but in light of the recent actions, threats of law breaking and bully boy tactics from members of the hunting fraternity, we feel it would be wrong to promote these demos and to risk the welfare of our campaigners and supporters.

      We are therefore strongly advising League supporters and members of other organisations not to attend the traditional anti hunting demonstrations on the 27th of December.

      Takeaction: Please help us this Christmas by:

      · thanking your MP (if you haven't already) if he or she has consistently supported a ban. Click here to send a thank you email to your MP or write to them at House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA.

      · writing to your local paper expressing how delighted you are that hunting with dogs will now be consigned to the history books. You can also highlight the fact that thousands of hunters have threatened to break the law when the ban comes in to effect which is clearly a total disregard for the democratic process

      · collecting signatures on our Declaration for Democracy Against Cruelty postcards or signing online here. We are aiming to collect as many signatures as possible in order to counter the 50,000 hunters who have signed up to break the law.

      Finally, we are still expecting the local and national media to contact us over the Christmas period and we are appealing for media spokespeople. If you would like to be a League media Boxing day spokesperson please do get in touch as soon as possible by calling Katy Migiro on 0207 089 5211 or emailing katy.migiro@.... We will fully brief you and give you as much support as you need. We might not be out on the day demonstrating, but we need to make sure our side of the argument, for democracy and against cruelty is heard.

      Thank you for your support.
      Shropshire Animal Action

      07986 079514

      This email may contain information obtained or reproduced from other organisations information mailings, or contributed by anonoymous individuals. This does not always imply that SAA endorse or support this organisation or individual, nor should it imply that this organisation or individual support SAA. This information is distributed for information only and is not an incitement to committ any criminal activivty.


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