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Vivacity! December 2010

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      Badger 'culling' and yummy veggie recipes! No images? Click here.


      Thank you to everyone who took part in our Day of Action for badgers on November 27We had over 500 actions across the country that day, where thousands of objections to Government plans to ‘cull’ badgers were signed and there was overwhelming support for British wildlife. Even former MP and Strictly Come Dancing star, Ann Widdecombe lent her support! You can see a video of us freezing for a good cause in Exeter for the badgers here!


      The English consultation is now closed, and the results will probably be known early next year. However, if you are in Wales you still have until December 17 to object. You can do so online with Viva! here.


      There is still time to get active for badgers with our new door-dropper leaflets, which highlight the link between the dairy industry and this war on wildlife. Find out how you can get involved and order free materials today!


      Check out Viva!’s campaigns for badgers and read our fact sheet to find out why they are being scapegoated.



      The season has descended upon us – in quite spectacular fashion with all the snow and ice we’ve been getting. And there’s never a better opportunity to show people the benefits of cruelty-free fun!


      As always, do check our dedicated (and recently updated) Christmas pages, which will give you everything from recipes to campaign ideas to e-cards and shopping lists. They’re a one-stop veggie guide to festive fun!


      Talking of veggie guides, have you heard about our brand new Christmas Recipe Guide? It’s fantastic and features some recipes which will reinvigorate your festive indulgences. For more info and how to buy, please visit here.


      And on the subject of ordering, if you wanted any of our Christmas-themed campaigns materials, all you have to do is email liam@...



      Nocton Dairies


      Nocton Dairies Ltd have resubmitted plans on the November 18 for the mega dairy in Lincolnshire but have halved the number of cows proposed to 3,770 cows. Peter Willes (one of the Directors) has openly said they fully intend to build up to the original 8,100 – so little has actually changed. Plans and information are available on the Nocton Dairies website.


      The plans are being validated, meaning that the 28 day period for objection will soon start - we will send out a call to arms asking you to object when it does. To stop the suffering of thousands of cows on this farm we need your help!


      Whether 3000 or 8000 cows, Viva! strongly opposes the proposals, which will intensely farm already overworked dairy cows.


      Foston Pig Farm


      News has reached us that plans for the giant pig farm in Foston have been pulled by the developers ahead of a decision by the district council. This is great news, as it means that 26,000 pigs will no longer be imprisoned on what would have been Britain’s largest ever pig factory farm – at least for the time being.



      In the third part of Viva!’s groundbreaking exposé into the UK egg industry, we reveal the truth behind so-called ‘enriched cages’. The barbaric battery cage system will be banned across Europe from 2012, but what is set to replace it is hardly much of an



      Filmed in Scotland at a gargantuan ‘enriched cage’ farm owned by Noble Foods, we found 80 hens to a cage, birds with deformed beaks, a bullied and bleeding hen, no access to the outside and paltry environmental enrichment. Can this really be the future of egg production in the UK?


      Our comprehensive investigation into free range production, egg hatcheries and now enriched cages shows that the only solution to ending misery for hens is to stop eating eggs. We will be launching our egg campaign in the New Year – so watch this space



      No longer vegan?! That’s right, Kellogg's are now including vitamin D3 from Sheep's wool, but we need to support them moving to using vitamin D2 instead.


      If this makes you sad (it made us sad) then you can voice your protest here - we need to show consumer demand!



      The hit ITV1 show ‘Britain’s Best Dish’ is back, and it’s great that they just keep on giving us these opportunities to show off the mastery of vegan cuisine. If you have a dish, then you can enter too! Find out how here.


      If you’d like some tips on how to get yourself started on the chef’s path, then take a look at our helpful webpage – and you can also try and have some festive fun with it by visiting out Christmas pages!  


      Lincoln - Vegan Lincs is organising the Caring Christmas Campaign - aiming to feed animals in rescues this season! They'll be having lots of food and festive presents at their event this coming Saturday (11th). Held at Croft Street Community Centre in Lincoln, 11am-4pm. Further details here.


      London - To mark the 13th International Animal Rights Day, Dulwich Vegan and Vegetarian Society are organising a vigil on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich, 5pm-9pm, December 11. Further details here.


      For more Viva! events and other events (and how to submit them), take a lot at our webpage here.





      tel: 0117 944 1000


      email: info@...



      Has changing your diet changed your life? Did ditching dairy help you overcome dermatitis? Has going vegan cured your constipation? Did you become vegetarian after being diagnosed with diabetes? We want to hear from you!


      Please send us your stories along with a photo (before and after if possible) and we will consider publishing your story in our magazine Viva!life.


      Email your stories to info@....



      Christmas Delivery: To get your shopping in time for Christmas please place your order before 14th December, or call 0117 944 1000 to arrange faster delivery.



      You could win up to £40 worth of goodies, and we might feature your work on our websites or print it up for us to use!


      Check out our latest Lifestyle competitions here, for plenty of great giveaways and gifts!

      Business Friends 


      Vegetarian for Life (registered charity) www.vegetarianforlife.org.uk

      Are you interested in dietary advice for older vegetarians and vegans, recipes, catering courses, lists of care homes or possibly grants? Check out our website at www.vegetarianforlife.org.uk for all this and much more.


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