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best on 917  lsb setting best on 917 lsb setting
edward baker
10 Sep


Quite a chunky one too! Good DX! John. ... This email has been checked for viruses by AVG. http://www.avg.com
John Faulkner
8 Sep

Re: solar flare

Biggest flare of this cycle and I think the biggest since November 2003. Watch solarham.net for further updates. ================================ Jim,
Jim Smith G0OFE
6 Sep

solar flare

Flare peaking X9,3 @1323 gmt ed  Flare peaking X9,3 @1323 gmt ed
edward baker
6 Sep

solar flare

large X burst wiping out all amateur bands ed G1MXP
edward baker
6 Sep

Skegness Log: 2017-06-18 (Es: Widespread!)

 88.1 1607 ALG Radio Batna, Metlili (5) 2405 BATNA_FM 2033km  90.4 1608 ALG Radio Setif, Meghriss (19) 2419 SETIF_FM 1911km  91.2 1611 ALG Radio Biskra,
John Faulkner
4 Sep

Frankfurt evacuated

part of Frankfurt (60.000 people) is now being evacuated because a large WW2 bomb (1400kg) was found and is to be defused this afternoon. Broadcasting house
Jurgen Bartels
3 Sep

Band I Sporadic E Loggings for 2 September 2017

Hi All, A tiny bit of Es propagation today. Best regards, Janpeter van Dijk, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands Saturday 2 September 2017 Band I Sporadic E Loggings:
Janpeter van Dijk
2 Sep

Re: : Re: [SkywavesDX] 01 Sep 2017 double hop reception

... Yes David, that's what I meant. So the tx carried that echo for a longer time? ... I don't understand you. Where there echos on the other (non Tver) tx
Jurgen Bartels
2 Sep

: 94.3 UNID Belarus? mixing Poland - help please

Thanks very much Bosko. Your help is much appreciated. Good DX. Nick, Whitchurch, Hampshire. RBRX Encore, Kenwood L-1000T, Yamaha T-2, Denon TU-800L, Kenwood
2 Sep

: Re: [SkywavesDX] 01 Sep 2017 double hop reception

Thanks for comment Jurgen, When you say "locally generated" do mean at the transmitter? I went back ro 1129-1134 - another segment I recorded and the echo was
2 Sep

autum Es

Yesterday Es was also registered in this foE plot http://www.ionosonde.iap-kborn.de/actuellz.htm#esjul It is interesting that now the layer height dropped down
Jurgen Bartels
2 Sep

Re: 01 Sep 2017 double hop reception

David, ... That sounds more locally generated before modulation. When the signal is very strong you will not hear the other station, only during the fade-outs
Jurgen Bartels
1 Sep

01 Sep 2017 double hop reception

Once again as the opening faded out some double hop reception was logged. At 1200 UTC a few transmitters from R. Rossii were still present on 66-74 MHz, three
1 Sep

Sporadic E Loggings for 1 September 2017

Hi All, Today saw another HUGE Sporadic E opening, making it to the top of Band II and beyond. Together with a weaker evening opening this resulted in 5 hours
Janpeter van Dijk
1 Sep
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